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My name is Char(full name Charity.) and this is the Art blog of MayruaVonFlux. Enjoy!



Vent art..lately I've been feeling utterly worthless. Thinking about what life would be like if I wasn't around. anyways yeah yay art.



Another Mushin piece. the smoke texture is from stargazerlz. (DA) Mushin is from the game blade and soul. (if you try to play this game be very careful, the NA server is toxic as hell.)



A B-day gift for my friend, her B-day was yesterday. This is her OC Sage. tech brushes from ObsidianDawn. Textures from Resurgere.

i can't wait for my recliner to get here so I can do some actual fcuking art lol.

I was sold the moment words 'golden gown' were uttered.

Probably will never finish this, so I suppose I should just drop it as is. Lately any personal illustration I start, I ditch in the end because I find the storytelling too flawed or vague.

mayrua-illustration -


Queen of the Nile 2

now without the sheer. 

Magic circle brush/sparklie brush


.:The birth of the Nile:.

I dunno. My OC Nisha as a egyption queen, i was inspired by a protrait that Toxxykiss had done. 

Magic circle/ sparkle brushes by

Also it's september y'all. Get ready for the skeleton war, cuz I am fucking ready. 

dragon queen WIP

now on to the colors. 


Dragon Queen B&W

Not sure if she's a dragon or a demoness. I am leaning more to demoness. She's the villain in my Death Goddess Outlaw story. She doesn't have a name yet...

Even tho i had her for a looong time now..I am such a bad mom...

Handmade halo brushes from here (x)

moon -
Odette Hall 2019

Commission from discord! 



Fanart of the plains walker from i roved out. I really love Rev's artstyle and his stuff is one of my top inspo. Time to give fan art. i've drawn her outfit inspired by the part where she escapes this court of the false dragon. IRO is a 18+ comic btw if you look it up, so thred lightly. 

Illustration commission for a private client.

moon -
Odette Hall 2019

「STAND NAME」Primadonna プリマドンナ !


Marshmallow bunnies

bunnies! this is a oldie. 

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Waterfall App in development!

It's official! We've hit our funding goal, and, as of September 2nd, will officially be able to start working on the app!

The Kickstarter isn't over yet though. We have plenty of stretch goals planned - as we hit them, we'll be able to devote more and more time to extending functionality on the site. Thank you so much for your support! 

Revenge attack on Jakal on ArtFight.

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just sketchin. not worth the art post (which means putting it on my harddrive)
enjoy a fem presenting alex

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did you guys know i have a sphynx cat :,^)

mayrua-illustration -



Moon glow

a painting I just finished today...I've been working on it off and on. Isolda using her magic. I was inspired by a artist that goes by the name Takaki. I adore her works. Moon/sparkle/magic brushes from

moon -

reminder that my ass is fat, my meat is huge and to read my fancomic about being a sad adult with vaporwave themes

heres a panel from the most recent update :)

Cylde is such a good boi I need to draw him more. 😭


"Howdy there.."

Not sure if I posted this already but i am too lazy the check hahaha. This is my OC Clyde, he's called the 'Phantom Gunslinger.' He possesses a demonic kinght armor that either everyone wants..or wants to destroy, causing a event that a whole town was slaugthered. He's beening taken under the wing of a Demonic warror and his family/clan.  In this pic I wanted to draw him meeting someone off screen by a fire xD.